IVCA Vision News No. 8

No.8 Dec.16 -2001
                                                                            International Visual Communication Association
          Keeping  Amateurs  informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world
        Japan QTC  SSTV Contest 2002 By JA1XVY M.Harano
The contest period is Wednesday 2 at 0000z through Thursday 3rd 2400z January 2002. The Contest Exchange is RSV+001 (consecutive number starts from 001) to be exchanged with a contest number exchange is calculated as 1 point.  Multipliers is the number of prefixes worked with a completed contest number. Scoring is score X multipliers = Sum total score. General No cross band contacts permitted. Only one transmitter to be used at any time. No "round-table" style operation allowed. Station that operate outside the terms of license will be disqualified. Log Submission please send your summary and log sheet to QTC- Japan.com  editor@qtc-japan.com  The deadline is Sunday January 20th.2002  Details Http://www.qtc-japan.com

       The Good the Bad and the Ugly
It's difficult to understand why some folks create and send damaging Virus, Trojan,worms, etc. I find I am asked to update my Norton AntiVirus program every few days for all the new Virus now on the web and also arriving in e-mail. If the Junk or "Spam" mail was just not bad enough. I am happy however  to announce my local web service provider "ISP" is now providing a VIRUS and Junk mail filter that is stopping this problem.(Several have unknowingly got and sent the "Badtrans B worm to me). We also have those  that at times like to interfere with SSTV on the popular frequencies that occasionally the FCC are able to catch and remove and give fines to etc. .If you don't have a virus protection, pick up a free copy of Norton at http://www.symantec.com/downloads/  (Note: for Lids and Jammers no fixes or filters are available yet)

       No Free Lunch
Like 70 percent of Americans I spend lot's of time on the web and find and down load lot's of free programs and services. I have used several free Web Phone and Video and Voice  mail programs that are no longer available as an example "Rocket Talk" and "Media Poster" etc.,  This loss came as no surprise as it seems the Silicon Valley Dot Com's were using a business plan of "lose a dollar on every deal and make it up with volume" and simply just went out of business. My computers can still find some excellent programs and can even take voice dictation and type at 100 WPM and also read text to sound, and  find and save free MP3 Music to play and copy and burn CD's, scan and print  photographs and web graphics, run SSTV, read bar codes and keep time, make and send movies and the list goes on and on.  

     If You Build it They Will Come
In America we have a big demand for wide band web access. For most it is unavailable or too expensive. Current broadband providers including Satellite, Cable and DSL Telcos only provide a small percentage of users with this service. It's very unlikely we will ever have fiber optic service in most of rural America. However just like in the early TV days folks were forced to setup towers for a shared  community TV cable system.  One solution is the use of wireless web connections like 802.11b or (Wi-Fi) I understand this is already popular in Europe. (Even in my little town on the Oklahoma prairie ,wireless service is commercially available, at a price, however. Schools are starting to use 802.11b and Kids are even stringing CAT 5 LAN cables across yards linking homes for fast web connections and some neighborhoods are putting up wireless web transmitting antenna systems.  

    Is Windows XP worth It?
I've found XP to be rugged and boots up fast and the 32bit programs run faster and it has several nice features like the ability to convert text to sound and provide a magnified display etc. XP can also make little movies to send in e-mail  But how bout the cost? If you live in the USA it is $98.00  for the home edition CD if you are in the far east I'm told you can pick up a Hacked, Knock-Off, Boot Leg copy for $1.00 or $2.00 (looks like they found a way around the WinXP Micro Soft register function.)

To minimize the QRM on the popular SSTV frequencies I suggest we do not start a transmission using a picture but instead use a voice message first  to identify and even give the mode to be used. (some times several are sending a picture at the same time and we have only interference with out a proper picture.( During weak signal or poor band or noisy conditions the VIS detection will not select the correct mode!) 

    Digital Voice/SSTV  the Next New Mode?  
Have you seen the new January 2002 QST magazine article explaining the use of digital voice and possible Digital SSTV communication. They indicate that Digital Video is perfectly legal on the HF phone bands designated as "J2F"  Note: the Baud Rate for digital phone transmission is unlimited!  (For more information see the ARRL web site at http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/digivoice.html  You will need the PDF reader installed to view the site. (PDF read only download is available free)
                    Can this be the next big break through for voice and  visual communications?

      Help Wanted
We need some one to help run the IVCA Saturday 14.230 Net  You will only be required to act as net control every six weeks or so at the 15:00  UTC.  Contact me  Ray W5NOO at ray@junct.com  (It's a fun job every one sends you pictures)

                         Season Greetings &   Happy Viewing   Ray W5NOO Director/Editor IVCA                                                    


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