IVCA Vision News No. 6
            IVCA  VISION NEWS LETTER No.6  November 17-2001
       Keeping  Amateurs  informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world

     Reported by M.Hirano  JA1XVY
The 24th JASTA SSTV activity contest was held  1st. through 30th August 2000 with many foreign stations entered and over 70 countries were counted from logs by the contest manager Yosikazu.

     Reported by Dave Woolstrum K3ASI
 If you are looking for a SSTV repeater you may wish to check out Daves web page for details on the 28.690 MHz SSTV repeater and general SSTV pictures and information also at http://www.qsl.net/k3asi  Also see the pictures stored in the repeater buffer.

     Back Issues of the Vision News Letter
 Any one that would like a back issue of the VISION News Letter can go to the Home web page of Frank DL1FH that is now maintaining a history morgue file of the previous VISION News letters at http://www.sstv.de/News/news.html  (Thanks Frank)

   HD SSTV  Reported by John Wilson VK3LM
John informs me he is trying to find a programmer in Australia to help convert the High Definition SSTV program to run under Windows with no luck so far. (John and Alf Coupe VK3CQE and Jim Schafer VK4CS and Don Miller W9NTP and Farrell Winder W8ZCF did the initial test of the program running under Linux I believe. If any one has the Windows programming experience contact Don at wyman@svs.net or Farrell at fwinder@one.net or John at johnvklm@optusnet.com.au  (one giant step for SSTV and one for mankind)

    OLED Displays
 We now have a new way to view the screen.The development of the new Organic Light Emitting Diode "OLED" flat screen monitors I'm told will be brighter as they emit the light rather than allow it to pass through like the TFT screens. I'm also told the OLED display has a life of 10,000 to 100,000 hours and also have a sharper picture with a wide viewing angle unlike the TFT screens on current flat panel and laptops. The big advantage of OLED screens is that they only require one fifth the power of a conventional TFT display. This technology is also likely to replace the incandescent lights in the future. Early applications will include cell phone display screens and even battery powered  flash lights. The big disadvantage of OLED so far is the High cost. (the little panel lamp indicator "Light Emitting Diode" devices finds new applications) 

   Computers Vs. Amateur Radio.   
The home computer is a double edge sword It has done more to benefit Amateur Radio than almost any invention. It provides thousands of features and functions and benefits never available before. however some feel it is drawing Amateurs away from radio communication. Technical and scientific advances do some times come with some undesirable results. Inexpensive long range voice and video communication was once only available to licensed radio Amateurs. With more than 50 percent of American homes using computers and most also on the web using e-mail and Voice/Video mail this has resulted in lot's of inexpensive hardware like
computers,cameras,scanners.printers etc.for every one. Apartment dwelling hams or ones with antenna and tower zoning restrictions can still communicate around the world with only a little more than computer and a telephone line. We started with smoke signals and drums etc.and will probably find even more efficient ways to communicate in the future! 

   Tablet Computers
Displayed at the Comdex electronic trade show this year were the new Tablet Web Computers by Fujitsu,Intel and Compaq. These small thin portable devices with a 10.4 Inch TFT screen are complete computers with wireless web connection and have sound and USB etc. ports. As a key board is not provided a Pen input is used for hand writing recognition and a electronic ink function. Battery life is 8 hours The main problem is the high cost at present. (sounds like a Palm Pilot on steroids to me!)

   Windows XP Report by Ray W5NOO
I finally managed to get the $99 WinXP upgrade CD  installed and running on my Gateway Essential IBM computer with some difficulty as the "Quick upgrade" function did not work and I had to install using the Boot from CD function. Some of my software did not work like my old Intel USB web cam "Create and Share" software, but I understand a new CD program will soon be available for $5.00 .My CD burner software version 4 of EZ-CD creator required a upgrade to version 5 also.  We have a USB cable device connecting my  two computers that permits file and folder transfers that at first did not work on the WinXP computer but to my amazement it offered to go out on the web and then found and installed a upgrade for the little CTG Co. cable device using a "PC-Ling" software upgrade. (we have not had a chance to try all the various SSTV software programs running WinXP so far but as the MMSSTV  sound card program works it's likely the SSTV programs written for Windows 95 and 98 will run. I was able to press the F8 Key during boot up and get into a DOS mode but did not have any DOS programs installed.(but as Dos commands and the mouse were working I  believe I was running DOS under WinXP and not in a true DOS mode!  (  Bill Gates is trying to eliminate DOS)
                                    Happy Viewing      73    Ray W5NOO  Director/Editor IVCA  


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