IVCA Vision News No. 5
               IVCA  VISION NEWS LETTER   No. 5  October 27-2001
                 Keeping  Amateurs informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world

     Reported by Robert Bieszk KG9CW
In response to my request for information on useful SSTV web sites Robert suggested an excellent web page by David Jones KB4YZ. at http://www.kiva.net/~djones   (This is an exceptionally good web site that is kept up to date and includes information and links and down loads for software and hardware description's along with "how to " information and details on SSTV Nets, Scan Converters,SSTV Repeaters,Graphic programs  etc.) I give it a 4 Star rating. you may wish to "Book Mark" or put the URL (web address) in your browser favorites.

     Ham Radio SSTV & WEB
 Just to prove you can have your cake and eat it too!  We have folks like A.J Claude KC5RW that in addition to running slow scan TV is able to put the pictures he is receiving of  SSTV on his web page live when he is home and in his shack . Check it out at http://members.telocity.com/~ajclaude   (We now have lot's of live web cam's some even with remote control for pan and tilt and zoom around the world and now some even in Ham shacks!) It's increasingly difficult to separate Amateur Radio and the web. I frequently use the web to make radio repeater voice contacts using the Ham favorite "Internet Phone 4" program as it gives me  some good VHF/UHF DX and also Video Phone contacts around the world using the "HAM RADIO" directory for contacts and all with out the use of  even an antenna and a radio transceiver in the shack. I have also used a web connected digitally controlled HF radio receiver that I was able to tune and operate remotely with my web computer.

       Windows XP ready?
 A survey indicates that more than half that use IBM computers will up grade to the new robust Microsoft Windows XP operating system with it's various improvements and advanced features. As this operating system requires more memory and a fairly fast processor (300 MHz or faster) before you purchase. It may help to check your computers compatibility at the PC Pit Stop web page http://www.pcpitstop.com .You can also see if your various installed programs are XP ready.  It is also possible to operate programs that do not work with Windows XP using a compatibility function that let's you select a function like Win 98 etc. The  XP Home version is available as an upgrade from Win95/98/ME/2000 for $100 and $200 for the full program version, a Professional version of XP is also available that will even run on computers with twin processors. As Win XP is registered to your particular computers systems hardware it is not practical to install it on a second or third etc. computer with out a multiple user license or even burn a second copy! (But why is it every time I'm just starting to get it figured out when we seem to come up with an all new operating system.). Also why do new computers come with XP installed and run faster and do more and hold more information but are cheaper to purchase?

     IVCA Saturday Net time change
The Saturday 14,230 MHz SSTV net will now start one hour earlier do to the day light saving time change (from 10:00 CST to 9:00 CST (You folks with the 24 hour clocks can figure this all out) Hi.  PS: My computer does this automatically!

     PC Problems
It may just be that we are so close the Halloween but my brother got a Virus in his Gateway desk top computer and became so disgusted with it he gave it to me. As he had damaged the restore CD and we were unable to down load a proper driver to get the sound recording to function. I took it to the Gateway Country Store to have it "Exorcised" or depossessed!  73 Ray W5NOO  Director/Editor IVCA     Happy viewing! 


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