IVCA Vision News No. 17
    April  18 - 2002
            Keeping  Amateurs  informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world
    Dayton Information ( make your reservations soon!)
Don Miller W9NTP informed me, that he will be the Master of ceremonies at Dayton this year.and the following information is to  obtain a reserved room at the Best Western Executive Hotel. You can call 1-937-278-5711 or 1-937-275-5039  and ask for one of the block of IVCA- 20 rooms. (they will be held until May 1, 2002). The cost is $100 double occupancy. We also have a 40 chair meeting room at the same hotel 6:30 PM till 10:00 PM meeting to start at 7:30 PM   The Saturday SSTV Forum will be held in room 1 at the Convention Center at 2:45 PM till 5:00 PM. 

        IVCA SSTV Contest LOG Book Information  (and the winner is?)
All that participated in the SSTV DX Contest of  April 6th and 7th, 2002 can send a copy of their contest  log information by e-mail to Stephen ZC4BS  at  steve@stevebb.com  and he will review the results so a winner can be selected and announced in the VISION News.. (To be counted, you must get your logs in before May 25 -2002 )

     Television History The 75 Year Anniversary   (Mechanical to Digital TV)
The first commercial public television broadcast in America took place when the Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover became a TV Star, when his voice and image were transmitted over AT&T telephone lines from Washington ,DC, to New York City. (the first slow scanner?) As I also  remember, that one year after I was born,the first picture transmitted in the USA was one of the cartoon character "Felix the Cat" using a mechanical electric motor synchronous scanning disk arrangement with the use of AM radio. It is also interesting to note that for more than 37 years amateur radio operators around the world have sent and received TV pictures by radio and also over phone lines, thanks to the inventor Cop McDonald  WA2BCW.  It was not as easy back then, but all this was well before the invention of the personal computer.We have had enormous advancements in television technology in amateur and commercial TV from those crude, early mechanical scanning, black and white low resolution, still pictures. Today Commercial TV broadcasters are now starting to convert to High Resolution Digital color at a cost of  $1 (million) to $ 2 million in hardware for a single TV station..The home  HDTV receivers are now selling at $3,000 to $5,000 each. note:The Sony Co. will soon have seven new HDTV receivers, from table top to large projection models.available. Some say if the Television and cable industry fails to advance to digital video on demand with interactive service,  then the computer industry will develop streaming video on demand. Note even now you can  purchase a plug-in computer card to receive HDTV on your  IBM computers screen for as little as $300..(Perhaps we should start to think of how we could use some of the digital HDTV technology with SSTV)  My brother in Tulsa Oklahoma has a very large projection HDTV receiver that I tell him he could use to start an outdoor Drive-in Movie business with......HI

    SSTV Results or Effects 
As we have been active on SSTV for a number of years I have noticed that the mug shots I receive usually show an amateur operator with eye glasses that is older and getting bald. My question is does SSTV  attract ham radio operators that are older with bad eyesight and losing hair or is operating SSTV the cause of these problems? Note:Needless to say like most I'm older and  losing my hair and also wear glasses!   Ray W5NOO

   Need for Computer/Web speed  ("Faster than a speeding bullet and able to jump tall buildings" or just a 56k modem)
I understand that in America we now have more than 60% of the homes online and over 50% of the web computers users have broad band connections (faster than 56K modem ). The new computers are said to double in speed every 18 months and will reach the maximum or practical speed limit before very long but the real problem in the USA is the availability of fast web connections. We have an almost unlimited amount of Fiber Optic cable capacity in America and trunk lines installed  but it's like a wide Freeway with out any "on" or "off" ramps. Only a few of the city folk at present have fiber to their business or homes. So you say "How Fast is Fiber Optics, Really"?  It can reach the speed of light or around 186,000 miles a second or several hundred gigabits (billion bits) per second. Compared to USB bandwidth that is 12 Mbs and FireWire is 400 Mbps  Fiber Optics will permit high resolution with motion and color video communication for TV or public video phones etc.when and if it ever becomes generally available. The movie and cable business will likely also have to make big changes in program availability, number of channels etc. ( And just to think we are lucky here on the prairie in Oklahoma if we have electric lights and a 56k phone line and indoor plumbing). HI
     Ok so you don't have a fast connection with Fiber Optics or cable or DSL or a two-way satellite dish or wireless and you only have a dialup 56K modem. What is your typical connection speed? If you are getting less than 28K (kbps) on the average you may have a noisy phone line problem or overloaded ISP etc. (You perhaps can get your phone company to help if you tell them the voice quality is poor, don't even mention your data speed!)   To obtain complete detailed information on the performance of your connection and ISP and a complete connection history record etc. you can down load the free demo of the Net.Medic program at  http://www.vitalsigns.com/products/nm/  You can also test your connection speed at Net Stat Live at  http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/network/nsl.htm or try DSL reports  at http://www.dslreports.com/stest to check performance and connection speed.  (Note: windows only gives an average connect speed but Net.Medic program shows each packets speed with a graphic display and also more detailed connection information than you can use or even need)

   Computer Tips  (fix a memory leak with automatic memory recovery program)
Memory problems described in Vision News No.14 can be solved if you down load and install the freeware program "Memory-Trax lll" from the following URL http://www.profan2.com/mem-trax/index.html  This free memory recovery program that puts a little window on your desktop and permits you to automatically recover the memory amounts you select, and a voice even notifies you when it starts and when it completes the memory recovery.This makes windows 95/98/ME run smooth and crash less and also helps eliminate memory shortage problems. (I sure like it when the computer can automatically fix some of it's own built in problems and tell me about it.)

    Little-Known Company Unveils Tiny PC  (Honey I shrunk the Computer)
The tiny ultra personal computer developed by the startup San Francisco Co. "OQO" (a Windows XP battery operated wireless unit the size of a Palm Pilot) It's only 5X3 inches and also can be used with a regular monitor and mouse and has a one gigahertz processor and 256 meg's of RAM and a 10 gigabyte Hard Drive.with a $1000 price tag.   See details at   http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/ptech/04/17/modular.computing.ap/index.html This is a remarkable development and shows just how small we can get with electronics, Looks like competition for the PDA devices! ( Hmmmm I wonder if it has a sound card or USB and could possibly run SSTV or web video phone ?)

    Slow  Windows Start-up Problems  (or just too many Fonts to load)
If you find your computer is still taking much longer to boot-up and you have removed the extra unnecessary little icons from the lower right side of the taskbar Perhaps you have installed a large number of True Type Fonts (they are nice but are the same as a program ) You can delete the ones you don't really like or rarely use but don't delete the Windows System Fonts!
      Find the fonts to keep
         To find out the ones to keep do the following  1. Click on my computer and select properties.    2. The general tab should be open (if not click on it)  3. Record what is noted under "System"     4.View the fonts on your computer by using the steps above. Switch the view to Details,which should list the fonts alphabetically. You want the information listed under Modified.  5. Now look at the Microsoft webpage on how to determine the default Windows fonts, Find the version of Windows that matches your own. Microsoft lists a system date for each version (for example Windows 98 build 4.10 1998 has a system date of 5/11/98 Record the date.    6.Go back to your fonts folder .Any font that has the same date as your system is a system font. DO not delete this font.
        Deleting fonts
   1.Click start; point to Settings;click Control panel; then double-click Fonts to open the Font folder.    2. Click the icon for the font you want to delete.   3. On the File menu, check Delete. (To select more than one font to delete , hold down the CTRL key and then click each of the fonts you want to delete) 
     (If you find the above a little complex, then avoid the temptation to load all the fun fonts or just sit and wait as windows starts up!)

      Nerd Talk Abbreviations Explained  (every one uses these letter abbreviations that I don't understand)
  There is just not very much that you can't find on the web. If you want an  Acronym Finder try http://www.acronymfinder.com/about.asp (I made a web search with the finder for the two letter acronym  "IP" and it produced some 70 results including the one we were looking for!)  I also just hate it when Nerds pronounce an acronym as a new word like W,Y.S,I,W,Y,G  for "What You See Is What You Get" and then use the computer nerd term "Wiz-e-wig". I once read an article in the American PC-Magazine that never even explained the acronym that an article was about and I simply was unable to figure out just what they were describing. Put a different way, computer nerds just like to use abbreviated or strange words .

   More Cute Google tricks  (Is Big Brother is watching you?)
If you use the Google search engine at http://www.google.com  and type a phone number in the search window it will  do a reverse lookup for the address information and it can also show a map of the location if you select the MapQuest function it can  give a map or even a satellite view of the address when you click and pan and zoom around.  I checked and found my address and ranch house and drive way etc.using only my phone number information to obtain a map and photo.    ( Note: With a number obtained from a Caller ID device you can even see where those unsolicited phone calls are coming from and get a map or photo)

   VISION General Information
As we receive very little news or information from the viewers, I have had to find and put information in the VISION on subjects like Computer Tips, etc. As much of the new SSTV operators I believe are now using the computer sound card program approach ,and  functions like web video phone and video mail, are also practical, as we can use  the same cameras,computers and general hardware for this as well. We find however that most seem to have problems with MS Windows 95/98/ME computer programs (they just crash and screw up a lot) and perhaps most like me did not take a "Computer 101" class that's now taught in the elementary public schools and also like me find it all a little Nerdy and complex or confusing. I'll point out that for apartment dwellers with antenna restrictions or perhaps those no longer able to climb towers or perhaps just wish to exchange video and pictures with amateurs and non-amateur, like  friends or relatives, just using the web is a logical way to go.  I would like to know if you find any of this information I put in VISION useful or even entertaining. As I'm not a computer or even a SSTV expert I have attempted to give information on new products and ideas we thought could be useful.  I like to  believe you are receiving this. My e-mail function will usually notify me when my mail can't be delivered to you but we would sure like to receive any reactions you may have  The next editor of the VISION , when or if one can be found, will also surely need your input .. Ray W5NOO  ray@junct.com

                 Happy Viewing   (Send mail and write if you find work!) ............... 73 Ray W5NOO


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