IVCA Vision News No. 16
    April  6-  2002
            Keeping  Amateurs  informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world
     Saving Pictures
As a result of my information on saving pictures "SSTV Picture Storage" in VISION news No. 14  we then  learned that Oleg N. Silkin RA3DCT, a programmer, has written a program that saves QSO pictures etc,.see his article  " CQ Log by RA3DCT "    at  http://www.ra3doa.ru for details.

  Winners of the Valentine Picture Contest  (Submitted By Tom KA4P)
      1st place =  Paul W5LZ
      2nd place= Charles K4ZET
      3rd  place = Jim WB8NNJ
As the result of sending Valentine pictures on the Saturday 14.230 IVCA net, the best pictures were selected and certificates will be sent out soon to the above sweethearts!

    New 3D Computer Monitors ( No colored Glasses required)
We have been using several programs in the past to create and view 3D pictures that almost jump out of the SSTV screen when using special viewing glasses, but we now have a new Monitor developed by the Deep Video Imaging Co. that uses stacked LCD screens  that puts the background on the rear screen and foreground on the front screen giving the effect of depth. The actual monitor is two LCD screens stacked one on top of the other that requires a dual-head video card or a second video card, (note: this is similar to the twin screen two monitor function of the standard  windows program except it requires a special $6000 monitor). The mouse can place a pointer on the front or rear screen. The device is likely to find use in medical and graphic applications but has little advantage in general computer web and mail operation. Note:Years ago before the development of commercial color CRT's for TV, we were trying to find how to develop a flat large panel color TV screen and considered using two plate glass panels with a large number of fine vertical wires or conductors etched on one, and horizontal wires etched on the other, that were sandwiched together and  sealed at the edges and filled with a neon gas, then by a switching or commutating method selecting the various X and Y wire conductor ends with signal voltage, a neon glow would be produced where the two wires intersect. With three of these stacked panels units, using various neon gas types we could have color TV  or even use lots of stacked panels to produce a depth or a 3D effect. The larger the screen with more of the X and Y wires the higher the resolution .At the time I figured this was only part of an invention, I made no attempt to obtain a patent but did note that some one did later!  ( That's how years ago I almost invented large screen flat panel 3D color TV even before the invention of the laser and holograms, IC chips and LCD screens etc.) HI. Ray W5NOO

   New Virtual Keyboard Developed  (beam me up Scotty)
   If you thought the thin rugged flat plastic pressure sensitive keyboard for PDA's etc.that you can roll up for storage was a slick idea, we now have a new device by the Siemens Co. that has a small optical projector that's approximately 2x1x3 in. size and projects a visual keyboard picture display on to any surface that detects the users physical interaction with the surface and also has a similar mouse type function. It can be integrated with mobile phone,laptops,tablet PC, PDA's etc.  (and I thought the folding keyboard and optical mouse or wireless keyboard and mouse was a slick idea)  This is just one new way to clear the hardware keyboard and mouse off the desk top and eliminate the usual coffee spill damage!

   New Wireless LAN Connection Method " Bluetooth"  (cheap and easy wireless)
The long awaited BlueTooth wireless connection method has finally almost arrived.The Amazing Technology Co. will soon be  selling the new small USB devices ( each the size of a typical pocket knife) that permits two or more computers to exchange information at a range of up to 150 feet, with a cost of $120 for the two USB plug-in units equipped with fold out antennas. It works with Windows 98se / ME /2000/XP operating systems (No support for  the Apple/Mac systems) Pros= A good price, easy setup and lot's of security. Cons= Slow speed compared to 802-11b wireless (Only 1Mbps compared the 11Mbps for 802-11b).   Available in April 2002. (A slick way for  dial-up IBM computer users to share a web connection, or printer, or files without the use of interconnecting  wires)  Let's a portable Laptop use a wireless connect to a desktop also! (I believe this beats the approach of using RF over power wires, or phone line, or Nic's with cable etc.type systems, for LAN type connection that are now  used at present by the average multi computer home or small office  ).Ray W5NOO

    Poor SSTV Operating Practice
Some of the SSTV stations are sending pictures using bad judgment as to subject matter (Porn) Let's all try to discourage this practice. See the following URL for some comments. http://www.qrz.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST&f=3&t=7988

    Help Wanted  (Ask not what the IVCA can do for you but what you can do for the IVCA)
We still need some suggestions for some one to take over as the IVCA Director and also as the Editor of the VISION News letter. Also we need a volunteer to act as the Master of ceremonies at Dayton.(An election will  be held at the Dayton Meeting for new IVCA officers.As I am no longer able to perform these duties due to my declining health and eye sight problems. Contact me at the following and send any suggestions and get details ray@junct.com    Ray W5NOO

   More Help Wanted (were getting desperate)
For the Vision News to be informative and usefull we need the viewers to send in any news or comments or items of general interest like computer tips etc. . (as we have no reporters and the editor needs some help from the viewers as he is  just running out of material) We will also need some one to check the IVCA SSTV  DX contest logs and declare a winner .  If you wish to be removed from the VISION group mailing notify the editor! 

   Amateur Radio Vs the New  Wireless Hardware (You ain't seen nothing yet)
As we have indicated before personal video communication is no longer limited the Ham Bands. We have an increasing number of Cell/Video Phones and Personal Digital Assistant PDA's with video devices in development and production that are wireless and equipped with cameras and colored screens that are also even wireless web windows capable computers that open up to display screens and keyboards or have keyboards attached.The hardware will soon be arriving but in the USA we still need the fast wireless networks to take full advantage of this amazing new portable multi function equipment. .

     Back Copies of the VISION NEWS
If you would like to obtain all the back copies of the VISION news to view or print just go the to the following web page that Frank DL1FH has, with a click on the following URL  http://www.sstv.de/News/news.html

    Junk Mail Problem (Too much spam)
I believe most find we have a problem with the increasing volume of Junk or Spam e-mail. I receive around 70 Junk Mails a week and a virus or worm or two but a filter provided by my web service provider ISP, permits me to preview or open. or do a multiple delete of all of this mail. Hopefully legislation in the USA is in progress to eliminate the Junk Mail problem. Several programs will also help solve this problem. A free filter program is available the "Spam Assassin" click  http://freshmeat.net/releases/60739/ for a down load. (I've not used this filter program but it should help) Note: the Yahoo IVCA group e-mail  I believe will also start sending spam if you don"t uncheck or turn the items off in Yahoo.. (looks like Yahoo finaly figured out like lot's of the DOT COM'S that banner and popup adds would just not cover operating cost and pay the bills!)   Or as they say "no free lunch"    Ray W5NOO

   Free Computer Software
If you don't have the $450 to spend for the Microsoft Office program and don't have a good word processer or spread sheet etc.program you may wish to do a search for the "602Pro PC Office Suite" or click the following URL http://www.software602.com/products/pcs/ and down load it. I now  understand the previous program  "Star Office" is no longer free!

   Computer Tips
If you wish to find your dynamic IP address that changes each time you boot up your computer when using a dial-up modem. (The IP address information is required by some video mail etc.programs.) Just click the windows desktop  "Start" and  then click "Run" and type in "winipcfg" and press enter to see the IP number information.
 If you are running windows 95/98 before a bad hard drive crash a very useful thing is to make an emergency start up floppy disk ( used to get you back up and running after a bad crash when you can't boot from the hard drive)  just click on the windows desktop my computer Icon and next click the control panel Icon and next the Add/Remove Icon then click the start-Up disk tab and then click the Make Disk  button. with a blank formatted floppy in the "A" drive. (this saves CD driver information etc. and let's you boot from a floppy and then use the windows program CD to reinstall windows etc.! (be sure to keep the floppy in a safe place) Note: some computers come with a restore CD, some don't  Some times you can repair damaged windows files with a reinstall of the window CD program on top of windows to repair or replace damaged or missing files, rather than a complete format and clean install of the windows program!! Also don't lose or damage your factory restore CD's with the various hardware drivers etc. as I found  computer mfg's will not provide a replacement CD due to a licensing arrangement with Microsoft!.

                                       Happy Viewing    let's hear from you viewers....... 73   Ray W5NOO


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