IVCA Vision News No. 12
 IVCA  VISION NEWS LETTER No.12    February   7- 2002                       
            Keeping  Amateurs  informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world
    General information
  The future schedule for 2002 Saturday  IVCA SSTV net control operators on 14.230 MHz at 15:00Z   is as follows.   
            Doug   K3DUG            Feb  2             Mar 9                April 13            May 18
           Charles   k4ZET           Feb  9             Mar 16              April 20            May  25
           Clarence  W0TSL         Feb  16           Mar  23             April 27           June 1
           Thomas  KA4P            Feb  23           Mar  30             May  4             June  8
           Ray   W5NOO             Mar  2             April  6              May  11          June 15

   IVCA Membership and Dues
In reply to requests from new VISION News-letter viewers. The VISION News Letter is free but we request that every one that wishes to be a member and support the IVCA to send a $10.00 yearly fee to the Treasurer James Gaither Jr. W4CR PO BOX 140336  NASHVILLE TN 37214 USA  This is necessary to fund the Dayton Ohio meeting expense and the various IVCA awards and functions.

   IVCA News Letters
We continue to add new amateurs to the VISION group news letter mailing and have given permission for vision to be resent to your local radio club members. The foreign non English stations may wish to use a computer language conversion program and also send it to radio club members and friends. You can receive back VISION copies at http://www.sstv.de/News/news.html  posted by Frank DL1FH
Be sure to notify me W5NOO ray@junct.com if you change your ISP or e-mail address or wish to be removed from the VISION mailing.

  New Web Network Using Your Power Wiring  ( Broadband and Light Bulbs)
To exchange information of various types we typically use radio and the web with a phone line dial-up or  DSL connection or perhaps a Cable and even Satellites or wireless 802-11 A and B at present but a new method is in development to use the Power Companies wiring that's provided to your  home to permit broad band web connections. (Power Companies have communicated this way for years to activate street lights etc.) I understand the new Amperion product sends broadband to homes by way of medium-voltage transformers scattered through US neighborhoods. This promises to deliver nearly universal Internet access at a great savings.The president of Amperion Phil Hunt says "Power line communications is a wonderful opportunity to use all of the wiring that's been put in place, every socket in your home,all the overhead wiring in the streets, to finally reuse that for data-delivery system" This is not without some major technology problems or bugs. (Up to now I was only using the house power wiring for a wireless intercom and various general electrical devices we have ) Will the Power Company become your ISP?

   New Computer Hardware  (You got the need for speed?)
If you find your older CD R/W slow in burning (Recording) a CD, we now have a new fast CD R/W available from the Plexor Co. the Plex Writer model 40/12/40 A   that burns a new fast type CD at a speed of 40X this permits a four-minute burn time and also a slower 24X speed or slower burn on regular CD's and CD R/W's  using all of the general burn software programs. The fast 40X CD disks are not generally available yet and the unit is priced at $209 by the Mfg. Note: Some high RPM speed 50X CD recorders and players  can shatter a cracked or out of balance or damaged CD even now! (Just when we solved the buffer under run and speed problem now they can self destruct, just like on the Mission Impossible TV show!)

The correct address for the web page for information on SSTV mode comparison is  http://www.baldeaglejournal.com/ARA.htm by Charles Franklys that compares several popular SSTV modes for functions and features!

   IVCA VISION Editorial Policies
The IVCA is a nonprofit organization and the opinions and information expressed in the VISION News Letters and links does not necessarily reflect that of the IVCA. The purpose of the VISION news is to inform and promote the use of Visual Communication. We do however try to inform Amateurs of new products and technologies. The IVCA has no ads for products or services. We appreciate news and ideas or suggestions and comments from all the viewers.   Ray W5NOO Editor

  The Information Age  (let's get the word out on this neglected mode)
In the past very little information was available on SSTV and it was difficult to get any thing published in the amateur journals.  All this is changing now.  One new major information source is the numerous web home pages devoted to SSTV. (A search with Google at  http://www.google.com for "SSTV" will produce over 67,000 sites. Even the Yahoo search engine will produce over 46,000  SSTV sites.  Over the years I have personally given talks and demonstrations at radio clubs and conventions and even talked on Broadcast FM Radio and over special long distance telephone line to a VHF repeater link and  submitted articles with pictures to the local news papers and even managed to get an article in QST magazine.  I strongly encourage the IVCA members to do some of the same. I have made overhead projector SSTV picture transparency slide shows and also used a small computer and monitor slide show using SSTV etc. pictures stored on a hard drive and a external ZIP disk drive for demonstrations.  I know some of you sure have all the necessary knowledge and  talent as I've seen some very impressive SSTV web pages . Ray W5NOO

  Preparations for Dayton 2002 (getting under way)
Don miller W9NTP the Dayton IVCA  Coordinator informs me he has made arrangements for a block of 20 rooms the cost is $100 plus tax and reservation held till May 1 contact Don W9NTP soon . Also he has arranged for a Saturday meeting room. More details on this later. If you have never attended the Dayton Hamvention I strongly recommend you do. Dayton has usually more that 40,000 in attendance with almost all the electronic and amateur equipment manufacturers represented and a very big Flea Market . The city of Dayton goes all out and arranges for transportation etc. It runs this year 3 days in May 17,18&19  this is a excellent well run large convention attended by Hams from around the world!.  

  The Annual IVCA SSTV Contest (in response to your inquiries)
I'm working on the details of the next SSTV DX contest and will post all the details and rules in the next news letter. The contest date will be April 20 and 21- 2002.

  Computer Tips  (Or how come this stuff is not in the MS Windows Books?)
Several useful Windows 95/98 and WinME commands can be typed into the little  "Run" window on the windows desk top like even a web URL when you are online and press enter it will then  load the web page.. If you click run and  type in "sfc" and press enter it will do a System File Check and look for missing or damaged windows files. If you click run and type in "sysedit" and enter It will show your system configuration. If you click run and  type in "msconfig" and enter it will display a window and let you click the startup tab and then uncheck some items that you don't want to be on the task bar as they will cause  a slow down of your windows boot up, increasing computer start up time.(Be careful however not to uncheck and remove some of the necessary items) With the computer turned off then after you press the computer "power on" and during the boot up process repeatedly keep pressing  the"F8" Function Key it will then display a window where you can  select the "Command Prompt Only" function that let's you operate in the true DOS mode.  If you have some damaged operating system files and wish to make possible repairs when in the DOS mode type "scanreg/restore" at the C:> prompt and press enter, this will then let you select from some  previous, undamaged, stored  versions of your system registration files. (Note: The Windows95/98 & Win ME is just a DOS program with all those cute little Icons etc.that you can view and click that are displayed and running on top of a DOS operating system.) The new  rugged WinXP or Win2000 and WinNT operating systems is a different story however as they don't run on top of the old DOS operating system but are far less likely to crash!

                                Happy Viewing     (like to hear from you)      73  Ray W5NOO  Director/Editor IVCA


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