IVCA Vision News No. 11
  IVCA  VISION NEWS LETTER No.11  January                       
            Keeping  Amateurs  informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world
   New SSTV Modes  (build a better Mickey mouse trap (MMSSTV) and they will come)
I wish to thank everyone for the replies to my request for information and opinions on the New SSTV modes. I received several interesting e-mails. It is no surprise that I found very little agreement and even learned of more SSTV modes. You may wish to see the information on Charles Franklys web site at http://www.baldeeaglejournal.com/ARA.htm  There seems to be  wide range of opinions and several pros and cons on this subject. As I have not had time to evaluate and run some of the new modes like the MP115 and MP125, (we had to first figure how to change Xmit modes using a right click on the mode buttons in MMSSTV Version 1.05e BetaI) HI  So far we see no startling advantage like some report using the new modes with a similar frame time and will reserve judgment for now till we have more experience with the MP and the numerous PD type modes but we believe the cream will come to the top and the best methods will win out. (we also remember when Single Side Band "SSB" was not very popular but is now the most preferred  voice/digital method on HF).Ray W5NOO

    The Wireless Web/Cell and Video phones
As you may be aware America lags behind parts of Europe and Asia in the wireless web market but numerous American web service and equipment manufacturing companies are frantically moving into this market. One big problem so far is the US Cell phone connection speeds are only 14.4 k or 28.k or with, say, Sprint  that is likely to increase to 56k or even 128k in the near future. Currently with over 30% of the US using Cell Phones this can become a huge market. (Web wireless device sales are expected to exceed 350 million a year world wide.) So far functions and features on US wireless web cell phones are limited but is improving fast as new hardware and the web service speed and features are improved and wireless service added around the country. Lot's of new wireless web access devices like the "Blackberry" (small hand held ,key board with TFT screen device) are also becoming popular with the Road Warriors!  The new cell phones and devices will soon have the OLED bright, low power consumption screens. Wireless service comes at a price but we believe when Video and bright sharp color graphic displays are included it will be a great advancement in personal communications .

   The Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  or new Gadgets Galore
The largest convention and display of new electronic products (CES) is taking place in Los Vegas Nev. as we write this and as most Americans are just nuts for gadgets it is the place to check it all out. Like the new Apple/iMac desktop with the thin flat panel screen and  DVD recorder etc. We also had a remarkable new device introduced by the Samsung Co.(the wireless hand PC, NEXiO) which will permit users inside and outside the home  to view the Internet through a 5.1" reflective LCD screen with a WVGA(800 x 480) that permits full web page viewing and also cell phone operation with a desktop type viewing experience. The capabilities of the NEXiO will significantly change the lifestyle and work style when wireless LAN and IMT 2000 provide sufficient broadband capabilities. This wireless hand held computer will be the most important post-PC product in this decade.We also had  thousands of other new devices on display like the hand held storage device that takes Compact flash and Smart Media cards and stores 60 Gig's of data (no computer required). CES also had  some software training seminars. Mr. Microsoft  "Bill Gates" is as usual a keynote speaker and lot's of "swag" (giveaways).  ( CES has more hype and hawking hucksters than you are likely to ever find in a single location but displays some really neat new products.)

 Back Issues of the Vision News Letter (To remind and inform new viewers)
 Any one that would like a back issue of the VISION News Letter can go to the Home web page of Frank DL1FH that is now maintaining a history morgue file of the previous VISION News letters at http://www.sstv.de/News/news.html  (Thanks Frank)

     Lost and Found
We have just learned the lost  IVCA SSTV grand multiple contest winner trophy has been finally  found and sent to and  received by Nils  Gustav Strom SM5EEP the winner after a long delay. Nils was the contest winner for the following years 1990,1991,1992, 1993,1999,2000 (A truly remarkable record for SSTV contesting, congratulations Nils)

   Computer Tips
If you are considering an operating system up-grade to the new rugged Windows XP espicilaty with an older PC first check your hardware and software compatibility at Microsoft or at the "PC Pitstop"  at http://www.pcpitstop.com Even some new computers and software are not WinXP compatable! If you are looking for Graphic pictures on the web you can also use "Altavista" to locate Graphics and video and music etc. at Http://www.altavista.com   We have lot's of web search engines to use but I find the Google is one of the best general types and is a true spider (does a web site search) and is not just a directory listing like say the Yahoo search engine it also has several nice features like a Graphic Image search ability and a foreign language conversion function, (the non english speaking may find this usefull) It's available at http://www.google.com

  Lighting and Solid State Electronics Protection  (Or just un-plug that stuff)
I'm sure most are aware of the possible damage to electronics from lighting and usually use some types of surge suppresser devices. I personally have had more than $2000 in damage when we had a big lighting bolt hit my power wiring and phone lines etc. I found that with my 3 computers connect to surge protectors I still had damaged to all my 56k Modems and my Phone answering machine and a solid state phone were lost along with the Heat/Air-condition thermostat and a Satellite antenna,. This did not even include the damage to the following items like my Flatbed Scanner, Zip Drive, PK232, View Port VGA, USB adapter card and a TV/PCI tuner.capture card and a Pasokon card and a USB to printer adapter cable device. I now turn off  all the power and unplug the antennas and phone lines to all my computers and equipment as the surge protectors have so far failed to protect anything. Note: Surpassingly no damage was found to my kitchen sink and its electric disposal unit however!.  (I'm lucky a neighbor Ham had a computer power supply short and that started a house wiring fire the that did well over $60000 in damage and totally destroyed his home.)  Perhaps a few fuses or circuit breakers and some Industrial strength UPS devices like  the APC or Black Out Busters  and a good home insurance policy could also help with these types of problems!

   Help Wanted
This is to remind every one we desperately need information and news to put in the VISION News Letters. If you have any information or Ideas or suggestion send them to  me ray@junct.com  I will repeat some information in future news that I believe the new subscribers to VISION may find interesting or useful. We would like to receive all your comments. (foreign stations with limited English don't worry I'll figure it out)  If any one has any of the details regarding the contest rules etc. for  IVCA SSTV contest or would like to manage the contest contact me at ray@junct.com  ASAP.

   Language Translations 
If the foreign stations have problems reading my English  I find you can use the free Google search engine using "Language Tools" to translate text to several languages when you wipe on the text in this e-mail and then copy it into the little window in the Google translation function while on line! (It's not perfect but even my English is not so good.) Only a few languages are provided but you can also use Google to convert a foreign language web page text to a large number of languages as well. .  

    Digital Voice Developments
The first product we have seen to hit the market that includes a digital voice function is the Alinco's model  DJ-596 dual-band Hand Held that operates on 2 meters and 70 cm FM wide and narrow band  with 5 watts of power. (The digital voice mode uses the open ITU TV.32 protocol and produces unencrypted GMSK direct-frequency that can be received with any compatible device. For details go to http://www.alinco.com/usa.html
  You may wish to also read the QST April 2002 article "Digital Voice : An Up Date and forecast" I am delighted with the new developments in Digital voice. If you are familiar with the digital modes like Baudot,ASCII,Amtor,Packet,PSK31 etc. some of the features like direct calling and error correcting, beacons and digipeating etc. may also be practical as digital operation permits a large number of options and functions. (we may even have Digital SSTV in the future) 

                               Happy Viewing     73 Ray W5NOO  Director/Editor IVCA


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