IVCA Vision News No 4
             IVCA  VISION NEWS LETTER No.4 November
     Keeping  Amateurs  informed on Developments in Visual Communication around the world

          Reported by  Louis W. McFadin W5DID ISS-HAM Hardware Manager
You may be interested in something that AMSAT and MAREX  is working on. We are building a SSTV module with a Software SSTV program that runs on the ISS laptop.  When  delivered to the ISS they will have the capability to send and receive SSTV in most of the popular slow scan TV  formats.

         Get on the IVCA Yahoo reflector!
Any one that would like to receive and exchange e-mail information with the IVCA members can do this by going to the Yahoo group page ,i.e. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ivca  and on the right side of the page click the "Join this group"  and fill in the details. The Yahoo IVCA reflector let's you receive all the mail that members are sending and you can also send mail to them at
ivca@yahoogroups.com  This is a free service that members can take advantage of for information exchange. It also permits file attachments with size limits.

..          General Information
In reply to inquires as to where is the IVCA VISION news letter No. 1. (It was only a little short demo version of VISION used to try out the group mailing operation and was not saved.) As we are trying to put all the SSTV amateurs In the VISION mailing list and do not have every ones correct e-mail address we are requesting every one to tell there friends using  on air contacts  to send an e-mail with the name and call sign and correct e-mail address to ray@junct.com that wish to be included in the IVCA  VISION group mailing. As we are continuing to add to the mailing list I'll need to repeat some of the information in earlier news letters. 

         Help Wanted
 We need news and information of activities of the members around the world to put in the VISION news letter. Send any thing you are doing or know of including graphics in JPG and GIF format including diagrams etc. to me Ramon Glidden W5NOO Editor at ray@junct.com   We also would like to learn of any good informative SSTV web page URL's that we can include in VISION. I would also welcome any suggestions, Ideas and comments you may have.

        On the road again
 We have learned that Don Miller W9NTP SSTV Pioneer is traveling in China. (On his  previous trip to Australia some time back when he was operating  HF SSTV mobile he indicated I was one of the only USA  SSTV stations he was receiving. Don't know if he is on SSTV in China but we never have received a QSL from that part of the world HI.) At home in the states Don runs a hi powered SSTV mobile setup in his car using the Tasco TCS-70 and transceiver/amplifier and transmits and receives while in route with a front windshield mounted Camera.

    Past Present and Future
We have came a long way from the early SSTV systems using radar tube P7 displays with the green/black/blue 120 line low quality displays to the present  big screen 16 million color high resolution displays.  If we had the option however I believe we would like large screen full motion in color displays with sound that we could use on the Amateur HF frequencies and also be free of interference.At present band conditions and band width limits prevent this but a number of creative Amateurs are working on the developments of programs for new and improved performance. As an example several years ago I found programs that would convert a Bit mapped graphic to a Text or ASCII file that could be sent by radio using several of the digital modes that used error correction and then received as a text file and converted back to a pixel perfect picture. I have also looked into the  various video/audio compression or CODEX methods and found I could compress an AVI type video with sound and motion to 1/10 it's size using several free programs like Real Media RM format that let's me send compressed little movies in e-mail. At present computer programs used on the web have the jump on Amateur Radio  using streaming Video methods. I understand that now in Japan using the new g3 technology small Cell Phones with color displays and equipped with a small attached color camera are used for Video phone calls and can also are used as wireless web access and are now available. (The Dick Tracy famous news paper cartoon two way wrist watch TV has almost arrived.)

     Windows XP ?
With the new operating system by Microsoft "Windows XP" starting to be available, we wonder if any one has had a chance to use it with any of the SSTV software programs. I understand it is less likely to crash and is similar to the Windows 2000 operating system used in business applications and runs almost all Windows software programs!  

                                             Happy Viewing    73 Ramon Glidden W5NOO Editor


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