IVCA Vision News No 2


 LETTER No.2 Sept.21-2001

 Keeping Amateurs informed on Developments in Visual Communication  around the world

Reported By Tom Jenkins N9AMR

By now we have all learned of the disaster in New York and Washington. I have been informed that four or more amateurs are missing or have  lost their lives at the World Trade Center airline plane crashes.  Hams reported  missing so far include Steven A. Jackson N2SJ engineer for WPIX TV.  Willman V. Steckman engineer for WNBC TV who ran  several repeaters including  434 MHz. TV repeater. Robert D. Cirri Sr. KA2OTD the ARRL District Emergency Coordinator that was helping to evacuate workers when the building collapsed. Michael G. Jacobs AA1GO employed by the Fiduciary Trust Company in the World Trade Center.  All four were members of the ARRL and will be missed by friends and family. The Collapse of the World Trade Center brought down the master TV antenna that served all but one Television Station in New York. Viewers in the greater N.Y  city that are not on cable can only view WCBS channel 2 which maintains it's  transmitting site at the Empire State Building that has offered space to help  the other stations get back on the air from it's site. None of the other stations transmitters now exist and hundreds two way radio antennas and hardware  are gone and of course untold thousands of people who have perished. Our  condolences to the victim's families.

General Information

To introduce my self as the current Director of the IVCA and editor of this News Letter, My name is Ramon Glidden W5NOO and my QTH is in N.E.  Oklahoma. a licensed  Amateur for 50 years and active in SSTV for over 30 years.  I have given talks at Dayton and also at various Radio Clubs in Oklahoma  explaining and demonstrating SSTV. Like lot's of the Old Timers we were sending pictures over the air and down the phone  lines 10 years before the invention of the home personal computer. As it seems the majority of amateur operators now  have and use computers and have web access and e-mail operation, I believe to change from a surface or snail mail VISION News Letter to an e-mail version has  numerous benefits. It is faster and less expensive and permits more frequent  messages to be sent around the world.  As you may know the IVCA is a nonprofit  organization and all officers are volunteers. I was asked to take over as IVCA Director and then Lew W6FVV, previous Director, was killed in an auto accident   before he could fill me in on my duties. I've had to fly this job by the seat of my pants and try to get it back up and running.

You can contact me directly by e-mail at ray@junct.com  or use the new Yahoo Reflector  ivca@yahoogroups.com to send mail to members.  My web page (a modest one) is at ray@junct.com/ramon.

New Products Hardware and software and operating systems etc. 

Lot's of new products coming on line including new operating systems like  the High Definition digital SSTV successfully operated using the AMSAT Satellite  AO-40 ,S2 transponder,435 MHz up and 2.4 GHz down exchanged between W9NTP to  W8ZCF and W8ZCF to N9NTP This system invented by KB9VAK and W9NTP, a record  historical event of perfect pictures traveling nearly 70 ,000 miles using  a  system with Linux operating software. I understand there are also two more new  SSTV operating systems in development (more on this later) one new system, a Blk & Wht picture system using AM with 2.5 FPS and a 2.5 KHz band width.

Also we have some new liquid crystal type displays that are thin and bright and have a sharp picture and use less power that will be used in cell phones etc., in a year or more and drive down the price of the current flat  panel TFT screen displays. .Like some we have two computers on the desk and 10  drives including three HD,and a  3 1/2 -5 1/4 and ZIP and 3 1/2 super disk that I now have a special 6 Ft.USB cable the Link-100 let's me transfer folders and files between two IBM Win98 computers at 4 Mbps using an on screen drag and drop program provided by the Cable  Mfg.GTC Co. (Cables to Go).  

Future Vision News Letters 

I'll try to publish the VISION on a bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the news availability  Send me any news or activities you know of and I'll try to put it in. To be removed from the IVCA group  mailing e-mail me at ray@junct.com  Happy viewing Ray W5NOO EDITOR

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